Doshie Powers Pianos

Additional Services

  • Tuning and voicing
  • Regulation
  • Appraisals, estimates, and purchasing consultation
  • Dampp Chaser Humidity Control Systems installed and maintained
  • Accessory replacements available for order - Piano benches, lamps, etc.
Action restoration

Restoration Services

  • Partial and complete parts replacement
  • Key recovering in plastic, ivory*, or bone
  • Complete Action Restoration - New hammers, shanks, flanges, wippens, etc.
  • Refinishing - French polishing, color matching, lacquer, varnish, and oil
  • Case Repairs and Replacements - Veneer patching, pedal lyre,  and music desks
  • Complete and Partial structural rebuilding (soundboard, pinblock, and bridge replacements)

*Ivory only if available